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Headline Classic
Headline reading glasses are the slimmest, lightweight and most portable reading glasses you’ll ever need. The glasses easily fit into your pocket or purse or simply attach to your phone or tablet ThinOptics are always with you.

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Headline reading glasses are compatible with four original cases.


So sleek, compact and stylish the Pod easily attaches to your phone, tablet or laptop.


The Keychain that amazes. Headline glasses magically disappear and reappear when needed.


TAs small as a credit card; as thin as two nickels the FlashCard easily fits in your wallet or pocket.

Phone Cases

Glasses case comes attached to your phone case ensuring that your glasses are always with you.

Headline glasses are beautifully thin, durable and lightweight

· Choose from 6 different colors in four different strengths.
· So durable glasses easily bend and snap right back in shape
· Headline glasses are “Always With You”